China's Institute of Sino-Roll Forming Industry (ISFI) is an industry supported by Beijing University of Science and Technology, China Steel Structure Association Cold- formed Steel Branch to help China's cold-formed steel industry develop.

       The institute and the research institute rely on theentity Xinnuo Cold-Formed Steel Industry Research Institute (Caofeidian) Co., Ltd. with aregistered capital of 100 million yuan. Its business scope is technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation and technical service in the field of cold- formed steel manufacturing and processing ; technology development in the field of environmental protection, precision pipe processing and manufacturing; auto parts, steel structure manufacturing, sales, import and export, etc. In the future, the Cold Forming Institute will continue to adhere to the institutional mechanism innovation, scientific research and development and technology transfer. On the basis of inheriting the original process of cold bending production and technological innovation and engineering, aiming at the major needs of the country and the industry, focus on expanding related fields, improve original innovation capability, and improve the level of technology achievement transformation. Adhere to the goal of integrating scientific and technological achievements into technology integration and engineering, forming a complete set of technologies and equipment that can be promoted and applied to enterprises, and enhance globe colabriation on technoloies development and exchange, international industry standardization.

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       Steel industry

       High-grade pipeline steel production technology research, special profile rolling technology (including channel steel), low-cost high-performance special steel production technology research, high-performance stainless steel production technology research, high-temperature alloy pipe preparation technology research, non-porous rolling System technology.

       Steel industry-deep processing

      Cold-formed steel, automotive lightweight, complex precision, corrugated steel pipe technology.

       Construction Industry - Steel

      Structure New type of prefabricated house, newcorrugated steel structure urban integrated pipe

gallery, sponge city, first generation road, modern cavern reconstruction.

        Modern transportation industry

      Steel bridge U rib, profiled rail steel technology.

        Cutting-edge test equipment

      High-temperature sliding wear and thermal contact fatigue material testing machine, rolling steel simulation platform construction, simulated rolling ring machine.


      The Cold Forming Industry Research Institute relies on the research resources of Beijing University of Science and Technology, with the team of Professor Han Jingtao as the main technical force. Currently, there are 5 associate professors, 3 doctoral students and 5 master students. Professor Han Jingtao has always been at the forefront of the material processing engineering discipline. He has continuously discovered new scientific phenomena for the frontiers of the basic theory of material processing and major issues in national economic construction, and proposed and guided the research and development of new theories and new technologies of international materials engineering.

      Many new materials, new processes and new products that are urgently needed for national economic construction and industry development. Up to now, Professor Han Jingtao's team has developed a total of sixty or seventy new materials, which has become a research team with significant influence in the field of plastic processing at home and abroad, which has long been rooted in the production line and serves the main battlefield of national economic construction.

       ISFI is willing to provide a platform of resource sharing, learning mutual advantages and communication for members. And it is willing to work together with the members to promote the industry progress, pursuit of excellence constantly and contribute to ISFI. 

       If you would like to be a member of ISFI and want to enjoy our service, the following materials are needed to send us
    (1) Requisition.
   (2) Application forms.
   (3) Duplicated business license.
   (4) Registration forms of basic situation and duplicated qualification certificates of industry.
   (5) Product instructions and samples.
      Membership application, management and membership fee standard are included in the following download files


      >>>download the materials and forms needed to join ISFI





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